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Nick LaCapria's Traveling Trivia Sports Show

America's FIRST Traveling Trivia Sports Show

Nick LaCapria's Traveling Trivia Sports Show

America's FIRST Traveling Trivia Sports Show

Hooters West Covina

This Friday night at 7:00 PM at the Hooters West Covina location at the Barranca exit of the 10 Freeway in LA County. Nick LaCapria hosts the Hooters Holiday Sports Trivia Tournament!  The winner of the Tournament will receive a TV and  a Trophy. For the very latest and up to the minute details on the Tournament go to facebook and Like Traveling Trivia Sports Show. The top players will also qualify for a spot in the limo. That limo will make a trip to the new and biggest hooters in the world in Las Vegas, NV. inside the Palms Casino Superbowl week. Qualifiers from Fridays Hooters Tournament will be combined with other tournament qualifiers to form a California Sports Trivia Team, they will face the Nevada team at Hooters

 Las Vegas Super Bowl week.

Tilted Kilt Long Beach Tournament

Nick LaCapria's Traveling Trivia Sports Shows is at 5 areas in Southern California Titled Kilts every week. Tuesday Nights in Victorville,

Wednesday Nights in Rancho Cucamonga, Saturday afternoons in Long Beach,

 Sunday afternoons in Chino and rotating days in Thousand Oaks.

Just visit one of these Tilted Kilts on these days and answer a Sports Trivia Question correctly and you qualify for the Sports Trivia Tilted Kilt So. Cal. Holiday Tournament hosted by Nick LaCapria!

The Tournament is only days away and will be held on Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach on Saturday December 12th at 2:00 PM.

The winner of the 2015 Sports Trivia Tilted Kilt Tournament will win a TV and a "Titled" Trophy!

    Name    Qualified at    Notes

1. George McDermott, Starting Gate, 2014 Defending Champion!


2. Fernando Sandoval, W.C. Hooters, Won W. Covina Tournament last week


3. Dave Davis, Red Devil Pizza, Can compete with the best of them


4. Harris Sakhiani, L.B. Tilted Kilt, Won it all in Long Beach on 12/12


5. Tom Henry, R.C. Tilted Kilt, He knows a lot, top 5 level!


6.  Eddie Soto, Draft Picks, consistent big crowd winner


7.  Pat Haefner, Max's-Azusa, Defending L.A. County champ


8.  JP Mercer, Junkyard Café, Last years Ventura County winner


9.   Vic Del Palacio, Max's Azusa, Top -Ten finish last years finals


10.  Pete Jellitte, Draft Picks, Wins in300+crowds at D.P.'s


11.  Kevin Rex, Starting Gate, Playing on his Home Turf


12.  Carl Johnson, My Pizza Pub, Has a history of getting tough?’s


13.  Ken Jenkins, Red Devil, Says he's studying for a win!


14.  Carlos Machado, So. Cal Pizza, Doesn't miss a baseball question


15.  Steve Rusich, R.C. Tilted Kilt, Gives people around him answers


16.  Scott Kennedy, Junkyard Café, Could come up big; has potential


17.  Jason Ortega, Finish Line, First Organized Championship


18.  Eric Pacheco, L.B. Tilted Kilt, Did well at Long Beach 2 weeks ago


19.  Rich Ray, R.C. Tilted Kilt, If just Dodgers ?'s, he would win


20.  Steve Macias, V.V. Tilted Kilt, Best Player in the High Desert


21.  Mike Edwards, My Pizza Pub, 5+ years of winning sports trivia


22.  Mikee Kaye, TK Long Beach, Earlier leading at Long Beach


23.  Tye Critchlow, R.C. Tilted Kilt, Wins often in Rancho Cucamonga


24.  Ty  Rhodes, R.C. Tilted Kilt, Another constant R.C. winner!


25.  Jason Cavin, TK Victorville, Knows Football real well!


26.  Tom LeVeque, Max's Azusa, New to the Championship


27.  Bob Anderson, Max's Azusa, Could be a darkhorse


28.  Tony Henry, Roundtable L.W., Does well all sports


29.  Jerry Rocha, Angelos, If they were all Angel ?'s, he'd win!


30.  Cathy Robinson, Finish Line, One of our best female players!


31.  Steve Boyce, Starting Gate, He's been away, in top 5 last year!


32. Rick, Angelos , UCLA, Dodgers, etc. ready for any question


33. Tod Robinson, So. Cal Pizza, New to it all - Does know his stuff


34.  Ernie Sanchez, Southgate Hooters, Deep NBA Knowledge


35.  Roberto Canizales, Ontario Hooters, Wins a lot on Tuesday nights


36.  George Martinez, TK Chino, Ranked about just right


37.  Raul Ramirez, WC Hooters, Too new to rank higher, #2 @ WC


38.  Rick Silverstein, Finish Line, Could mount a challenge


39.  Travis Williams, Roundtable L. wood, Impressive start


40.  Jeremy Lavin, TK Victorville, A lot of competition in the field


41.  Glen Edwards, Costa Mesa Hooters, a little luck and he goes top 30


42.  Dave Rodriguez , TK Chino , Strong enough to make it top 50


43.  Kevin Barnett , Hooters Ontario, Conflict, will not be there


44.  Gary Simon, Thousand Oaks TK, Streaky players, we will see


45.  Bob Keenan, Schonnerville C.P.,  Knows Hockey real well


46.  Rich Conley, Finish Line, Does well, strong player


47. Tom Botsford, TK Rancho Cucamonga, Newer player- ranking could rise


48.  Jay Perry, Hooters W.C., Impressive at W.C.- could surprise


49.  Chris Nunez, Shakeys- N'ridge, One of our better players from there


50.  Ron Ellison, Glory Days, This would be a long shot, if he won


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