The Saturday Sports Quiz which you heard on one of the many radio stations that we stream on or on one of the many popular sites that we stream on like Radio.Com or Tune-In Radio asked a question which directed you here to AnaheimOrange.Com for the answer. The answer to the question "what team did the Angels play in their first game at Anaheim stadium is the Chicago White Sox." Back in those days the Angels first owner Gene Autry started the franchise in the 1960's near a bunch of Orange Trees on Katella Drive in Anaheim as close as he get it to Walt Disney's Disneyland which had opened up a decade earlier and was quickly becoming quite a tourist attraction!  In those early days of Anaheim, Southern California already had a team of their owned name the Dodgers. So Anaheim stadium was a great place to go for tourists to see baseball and Dodgers fans to see teams from other cities. However, it has became a stadium with a team of their own as the Angels have acquired a strong fan base over the years!  In December of 2019 the Angels formed a group to purchase all of the parking land around the stadium to add shops and restaurants around the stadium in the parking area. The lease agreement is thru 2050, so Anaheim stadium will be home to the Angels for many years to come!

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