The answer to the Saturday Sports Quiz question you heard Nick LaCapria ask on ESPN 1520 WKBW AM here in New York  and on the radio streams is Buster Ramsey. Before becoming the first head coach in the history of the Buffalo Bills, Ramsey was a great Defensive Coordinator and this is the reason he was chosen as the first head coach in the history of the Bills in 1960!

I am personally very excited that the Daily Sports Quiz is now in Commack, New York! Our radio signal from ESPN Buffalo transmitting Daily Sports Quiz spills into Commack as do many Radio Streams carrying Daily Sports Quiz!


One of my favorite retail areas in Commack is the Mayfair Shopping Center on the Jericho Turnpike just East of Sudden Meadow Parkway!  When you view this from the drone provided by Levin Management it looks amazing!  Some of the Hottest Retail surrounded by beautiful Green Tree Tops!


The Center provides popular National Franchises in an upscale Suffolk county marketplace!


Click on the drone to see what I am talking about

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