The answer to today's Daily Sports Quiz that you heard on Oldies 104.3 FM is Rhode Island!  Yes, with Chicago snowed out they had to move the NFL's first night game to an alternate site and since the Chicago Cardinals were unable to host the game, the move was to their opponents home stadium in 1929......Rhode Island.


They were so paranoid about playing the first Pro Football game at night that they actually pained the Football white so it would be easier to be scene. Rhode Island the answer to today's Daily Sports Quiz!

Daily Sports Quiz host Nick LaCapria and the Las Cruces New Mexico team of Hooter Girls!

 titled Nick LaCapria hosting the Traveling Trivia Sports Show at Titled Kilt El Paso

 tilted Daily Sports Quiz host Nick LaCapria with the World Famous Kilt Girls after Traveling Trivia Sports Show in El Paso, Texas!


 World Famous Kilt Girls surrounded by a poster mentioning Nick LaCapria's Traveling TrIvia Sports Show appearance a week before the live show date at Titled Kilt in El Paso,Texas.


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