Here is the answer to the question that you heard on one of the many Radio Stations or Streaming sites that Nick LaCapria's Saturday Sports Quiz was played on. The question was to name the year that the San Diego Padres began playing baseball and the answer is 1969.

Yes, as you heard Nick say the Padres are the only remaining Pro Sports Team of 4 that have played in San Diego, California up to the time that this is being printed in December of 2019.  The others - Chargers in Football, Rockets in Basketball and the Clippers in Basketball have all moved to other cities. 1969 the answer to Nick LaCapria's Saturday Sports Quiz.


 Besides hosting Sports Quiz shows on Radio and in the Newspaper, Nick LaCapria also hosts sports shows which directly touch the public. These shows can be viewed at Traveling or TravelingTriviaSportsShows.Com. Listed below are some photos of those shows and people that have won great prizes and jerseys at these shows.


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